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Susan Bohnet holds an associates degree in arts and letters with a major in psychology from Ricks College, and a bachelor of science in human resource development from Brigham Young University. She lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, five children, and a cute (but rather naughty) Yorkshire terrier. For eighteen years, Susan has written a newspaper column called Family Frenzi, and Country magazine and Treasures along the Fenceline have published two of her short stories. She has two young adult novels and one new adult novel published.

Susan’s writing falls into a few categories:

Young Adult Fiction

Adult Fiction

Family Humor

My Life as a Troll is a Young Adult urban fantasy novel published in 2014 by Five Rivers Publishing.

Mosaic is a Young Adult contemporary novel published in 2016 by Walnut Spring Press

Lethal Influence is a New Adult novel co-written by Susan Bohnet and K. L. Webster published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in 2016.

 Generation Why is a Family Frenzi humor collection next in line to see the light of day.

Plus there are projects underway that are not polished enough for publication yet, but she’s working on it. Check out the descriptions and samples.

She’s put in an order for another six hours a day. We’ll let you know how that turns out 🙂