Mosaic Discussion Questions

  1. How do you think you would handle an emergency like a house fir at night? Do you have a plan for escape if your bedroom door I blocked? How well did the characters react, in your opinion?
  2. What did Mo and her family do to stay close after the fire? What could they have done better? How can a family help each other when they face hardships?
  3. Mo makes some bitter comments to Jordy as she’s dealing with her grief. How important are the words we use with our friends and family?
  4. What mistakes did Bailey make long before she became pregnant? What decisions can you make now to help you keep the law of chastity?
  5. What role does regret play in the story? For Mo? For Bailey?
  6. Mo and Joe seem to have a good friendship during parts of the story. How can you have appropriate relationships wit members of the opposite sex? Is it possible for boys and girls to be friends?
  7. When Mo’s Mom struggled to attend church, what could Mo have done to help her? How can you stay strong no matter what choices your friends or family make?
  8. Different characters react differently to the service project near the end of the story. Which character is most like you? How is service a blessing for those who serve?