Spiritual Non-fiction Book

Preparing to Receive Your Temple Blessings

This book is especially for young women who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

but has good reminders for adults, as well.

“This book feels like a friend telling you everything they wish they knew before receiving their endowment. It’s like someone compiled their research from scriptures and modern day prophets, then gave it to you in an easy to digest format.” — 5 STAR REVIEW on Deseretbook.com

Launch Day

The Setstokkrs’ Final Secret is live! The final secret in the final book in the Viking Setstokkr Series feels a little more momentous than each of the individual books when they launched. It’s a saga that spans emotions as well as time. I’m beyond excited to have the story that I have lived and breathed for so long finally breaking out of the darkness into the light. Here’s the Amazon link where you can get a free sample or buy a copy.