#1 The Viking Time Traveler

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A Viking on a quest…

Leif the Viking is having a terrible day. He’s been robbed, his brother is kidnapped, and to top it off he suspects he’s dying. Before he dies, he has to rescue his brother and get his property back.

The property? Leif always thought it was a family good luck charm. Wrong. The wooden beam is a magical setstokker with more power than he ever imagined.

A woman running from bad news…

Becca has received a terminal cancer diagnosis and has decided to make the best of it. She’s enjoying her bucket list. First item – travel to Scotland from her home in the States and go to a Viking festival.

There, she meets the magnetic and possibly mentally unstable Leif. It seems unbelievable that he’s from the past.

Except…there are so many things backing up his story, including some very Viking-looking enemies.

Should she believe Leif? Her time is running out, so what does she have to lose?

In this sweet time travel adventure series, forces from their separate times threaten to tear Leif and Becca apart.

Estimated Publication Date: November 12, 2020

Buy Link  https://books2read.com/u/bzj7Pq