Lethal Influence

Lethal Influence e-book cover
Lethal Influence e-book cover

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Lethal Influence

A New Adult Novel


Susan Bohnet  &  K. L. Webster

Published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Unknown to humans, an alien society has been living among us for thousands of years. They are here to help us, here to guide us to new discoveries and new ideas, but always with gentle Influence. They look just like us and act just like us…until now.

Kai, a young Trebladore male, has some powerful abilities. Abilities that are lethal to humans. As different factions of the Trebladore Society emerge and begin to vie for the use of his powers, he discovers that the loving, benign society he has always believed in is not what he thought.

When humans start dying and the woman he loves is endangered, Kai must make some desperate choices. Choices that will change the future of mankind forever.







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